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7+ Google Adsense Alternatives

7+ Google Adsense Alternatives

By  | July 21, 2016

Effective Alternatives To Adsense

#1. Infolinks – Today, there are over 150,000 publishers who are using info links as a method to monetize their content. Of course, this number doesn’t compare to the 2,000,000 users who are now using Google Adsense. But what makes Infolinks stand out is in the way it seamlessly incorporates ads into your content and the variety of ways in which it does so.
They have inarticle ads, which unlike adsense can be in video or native format. They have infold ads, which pop up right above the fold. If you’d like an ad to popup between pageviews, then you can easily choose the inscreen ads option. Their intext ads work by scanning through your pages text and finding relevant text to link out to. Point is, that the customization features and options within infolinks are nearly endless. If you’re looking for a Google Adsense alternative, you may want to check out this case study on infolinks.
adsense alternatives - infolinks

#2. VigLink is a very interesting Google Adsense alternative because of the way in which it monetizes your content. This isn’t exactly your conventional idea or approach. It’s a very different model, but with the right site, this could make the world a difference in your earnings.
The way VigLinks works is by simply converting normal links within your content into affiliate links. Let’s say for example you link out to a TV you liked on Amazon, it will turn that into an affiliate link.. Or how about, a link to an album on iTunes. Even though you might not be an affiliate for them, VigLinks will simply create your own affiliate link for you, track your sales, and give you your commission.

#3. Chitika – Looking for an alternative just as reliable as Google Adsense? Then look no further than Chitika who have been in the business for over 12 years. A great feature of Chitika is the huge variation of display ad sizes available.
So if you’re specifically looking for something to fit your site whether it be through mobile or desktop, Chitika is for you. Just like Infolinks, Chitika also offers the use of intexthover, and highlight ads. Enabling these on your site is as easy as pressing the on button within the Chitika WordPress Plugin. Another great feature about Chitika is its extremely low $10 withdrawal that can be made through PayPal.

#4. Skimlinks – Just like Viglinks, Skimlinks will also incorporate your own affiliate links within your content and take a 25% cut of the commission. So if you’re looking to increase affiliate commissions and potentially make more money per action, Skimlinks might be an appropriate way for you to monetize your site.
To learn more on how they can turn your content into more revenue, take a look at this interview with co-founder Alicia Navarro. The company currently has access to over 20,000 different affiliate programs eliminating the trouble for you having to sign-up or get approved by many of these program.

#5. Affinity – If your site is heavily focused on mobile users, then affinity is the platform for you. Their Affinity M-Canvas Suite might just come across as some of the catchiest ads you’ve ever seen. It uses a two-part process in which the ad first shows up as a small ad popup at the bottom left hand of your mobile screen and then enlarges into an immersive and interactive “story-telling” ad unit. It does this by allowing its consumers to play games, take selfies, tap stories, download apps, and more. Feel free to check it out in this video.
Affinity Ads

#6. Vibrant Media – Vibrant ads can be viewed as a great alternative to infolinks. The thing people like most about Vibrant are the overall relevancy of the ads to your content. Ads are available as display, in-text, related, and as light box ads.
One possible drawback to Vibrant Media however, is the fact you’ll need a minimum of 500,000 page views per month and most bloggers I know are not at that level. In any case, the site does offer a higher cost per click due to their premium brand advertisers. If you have the pageview requirement, then make sure to check out Vibrant Media.

#7. Propellor Ads – The Propellor platform delivers over 650 million ad impressions daily and is used by large well-known companies like Zynga, Snap Deal, Alibaba, among others. The company specializes in not only monetizing websites on desktop and mobile, but also for software, games, social (e.g. fan pages), and 404 pages. The company pays out using a eCPM rate, which pays you for every 1,000 advertising impressions your website receives. They have almost no traffic requirement and accepts nearly every application that they receive.
propellor ads

Other Adsense Alternatives to Consider: BlogAds, Epom Market, Media Nexus, Bidvertiser, Advertising.com, Clicksor, Undertone, Revenue Hits, AdBlade, Media.net, RevContent, and Adsterra Network.

Which One To Use? Test, Test, Test!

As you can see, the number of Adsense alternatives out there are nearly endless as are the ways and methods in which you can monetize your site. There is no right answer when it comes to this question. One ad network on your site may perform better than on another.
It all depends on a whole host of factors such as the relevancy of the displayed ads to your content, the CPC or eCPM rate, where your traffic is generated from and whether most your users are on desktop or mobile, the context of your content, the number of daily impressions your sites receive and the source of that traffic, among so many others.
The best thing for you to see which ad networks perform best with your content is – test, test, test. Using something like Skimlinks or Viglinks might work better with a more product-oriented or technology niche. Using something like affinity would clearly work out better for users who are targeting more mobile traffic than desktop, while monetizing with Propellor Ads might work out better for someone with their own online software or application.
Whatever the case may be, there are a ton of options and ways to monetize your site and if you plan on doing so with an ad network similar to Adsense, it’s important you test out what works as much as possible, if you really want to optimize your revenue to its fullest potential. And, it might not hurt to incorporate 

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